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Default Question at the end of register page

So just a little problem I stumbled into last night.
I was trying to register for the Forums, but at the end up the sign up page it asks you a question about the Fanboys comic. I actually read through the thing a few years ago, and only found it again yesterday. I read the new stuff that was up, but didn't really look back for any of the old things.

But when I got to the questions, I figured I should go take a look, cause they were friggin hard.

The first one I got asked which console company Paul was a fan of before he switched over to Sony.

But the old comics haven't been reuploaded yet. So I had to take a wild guess. I typed Atari (not even sure if that's considered a company to be honest). Got it wrong, so I was sent back to the page and asked another question (and also had to re-enter my password).

Next one was which series Lemmy made Sylvia play through. Also couldn't remember this, and took a wild guess. I said Zelda, which was apparently right, so I lucked out and got to register.

But the point being that if people want to register they have to be able to answer these questions, and if someone has just found the comic and decides they want to join the forums, they won't be able to cause they will never have read the old strips that haven't been re-uploaded yet.

So I guess I'm suggesting some sort of change to the questions, at least until the rest of the old strips have been re-uploaded.
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At first, the questions were made to avoid any spam account after a massive attack the forums had sometime ago. So that acted like some sort of catalyst for the moderatos for checking out real accounts.

As for re-uploading the old comics, i think someone here said that the re-uploading them would be a pain in the ass because of a issue with the layout or something else, and as for the questions, i'm not really sure, maybe someone could but since most of us are busy with obligations we don't really have too much time to do the pertinent chages to it.

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